How to Make $100,000 a Year as a Financial Advisor

What if I told you that you can make more than 6-figures a year as financial advisor. Yes, you will learn from this article the strategic steps that every financial advisor must follow to make more money a year.

Everyone knows that the job of financial advisors required a lot of work, late nights, and too much papers to deal with. But, all of this comes with a reward, a lot of money, a lot of job offers and big salaries.

The financial advisors job is based on showing customers how much they must invest, and where is the best place to put their money. Which mean that he will be trusted with people’s money and life savings.

As starting as a junior broker, the starting salary is between $18000 to $35000, without rewards and commissions. Jeff Rose, a Certified Financial Planner managed to get 23k in his first-year growth, before health payments and taxes. After that, with a lot of industry lessons he started learning more about the industry. Which allows him to go from that $18,500 number to eventually earning over $100,000 as a financial advisor.

In his fifth year of work, yes just 5 years of work! He started giving seminars, talks or even call people, in order to proof himself. And, he started asking a lot of people of their financial plans.

He got his big client after that, which is the started point for all financial planners. You need just one big client, and then he started getting clients by doing a lot of seminars. He got a lot of experiences, skills and contacts.

Another point, is to do everything to make your name famous, which give you a good reputation and more clients.

Also, they will trust you with their money, which mean that you must have the integrity to give them the right choices. Beside the money, you must think about your client as future investment that will bring you more and more clients.

In addition, don’t let the rejections affect you, and be sure that you will be rejected all the time. But, your mindset is very important at this point. And, don’t let the word “No” bring you down and push throw.

Beside that, you must “Act as IF”, which mean that you need to feel to be successful, and confident about what you are saying. Don’t lie, but you must let them believe that you know important things, and that you will search for the answer if you don’t know it.

But, the best thing that will bring you the real money, is when you will start your own business. You have the experience, confidence and clients. So, what are you waiting for? It is the success time, keep in mind that the key is to do over.

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